About Us

RGV Web Design is a small, McAllen based web design company whose primary objective is to help businesses and entrepreneurs market their businesses digitally through the creation of search engine friendly websites and the efficient use of social media.

Jose Carapia, RGV Web Design

The Who, What, Why

Who are we?

Our team is small and consists of two friends, Jose Carapia and Raul Mercado Jr, who spent their childhood tinkering with computers and software, and as a result are now passionate about technology, specifically web technologies.

What do we do?

We help businesses and entrepreneurs understand how to utilize and implement websites as the core of their digital marketing strategies. We build customized, user-friendly, and mobile-ready websites that allow businesses to give their customers the best experience possible. We also help businesses implement digital marketing strategies.

Why do we do what we do?

We ourselves are entrepreneurs who enjoy the intricacies of the internet and technology. We like to help everyone to track and utilize all the information that flows through the internet so they can create or grow a successful business.

The How, When, Where

How do we work?

We work with you to set up tools and gather data to establish useful metrics such target customers’ age, gender, etc. We help you structure a digital marketing campaign that meets your business individual needs and goals.

When do we work?

The beautiful thing about the internet is that one is no longer confined to a normal nine to five working model (even though we do hold our regular office hours). We usually work as much at our homes as we do at our office. Our promise to our clients is to work until they are satisfied with the finished product.

Where are we located?

We are currently located at the La Costa Business Center office suites in McAllen, TX. Our address is 214 N 16th ST, STE #215, McAllen, TX, 78501, on the corner of Cedar St and 16th. Go to the Contact Us page to find us on the map and communicate with us. Again we can work with you anywhere since our work does not need a specified location to start working.